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All In Shop V3 Update

Auto-Pilot Features [all permanent]:
-All TP Mission Instant: 40 TP per Day
-Auto Kill all Bosses
-Instant Complete Daily Task
-Instant Chunin Exams
-Instant Jounin Exams

New Features:-Instant Specail Jounin Exams [in Talent Shop]

Special Features:-Recruit Ex-NPCs [free]
-Emblem+2K Tokens
-All Achievements Complete

Other Features [temporary]-HP Hack
-CP Hack
-Critical Hack
-Damage Hack
-Agility & Dodge Hack
-> 10 Tale Mod Hack



-Swf Hack Files

[Size 12 MB]: Sorry for the large file size; because of adding so many features the size is so much ;(
-Browser [that supports fiddler extension] to play NS
-Character Level must be 18+

Instructions:1. Open fiddler
2. Goto autoresponder tab & tick:
i) enable autoresponse
ii) unmatched requests passthrough
3. Drag all swf files in fiddler
4. Click clear cache in fiddler
5. Now clear your browser's cache:
For G.chrome:
i) goto options
ii) under the hood
iii) clear browsing data
iv) tick cache & untick others (history etc)
v) clear browsing data

For Mozillia:i) Goto tools
ii) Clear private data/recent history
iii) tick cache & untick others (history etc)
iv) Click clear now

Note: Set the clear cache time range to atleast 1 day !!!
6. Open Ninja Saga
7. Now goto
i. Shop to enjoy all the features of all in shop hack
ii. Talent Shop for Specail Jounin Exams

Note:[For Emblem+2K Tokens]
1. After buying emblem+2K tokens;
2.Close fiddler (make sure you dont get Error 2000)
3. Go to Shop -> the original Ninja Saga Shop will open
4. Now you can buy any Emblem Weapon/Clothes/item you want (but your original tokens must be greater than the cost of the item you buy)
5. You can also buy Items [emblem users can have 80 Items in their inventory]
[Important] You must always buy Emblem+2K Tokens from this hack before equipping the emblem item you bought to avoid error!!!


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